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InspireIT Information Technologies Consultancy has been established at April 2003 to provide consultancy and software services on information technologies area in Europe, Middle East and CIS region. Throughout the short period since our startup, InspireIT has provided various types of IT outsourcing, consultancy, education, support services and software projects under subject areas of Oracle/Internet Technologies and Datawarehouse/Business Intelligence Reporting Systems and became one of the leading firms in its area. In all the projects involved, our timely and successful approach has been rewarded by the clients and InspireIT has become one of the most trusted partners of its customers.


  • After Geocell changed the billing system for prepaid subscribers in 2014, there was a need for a new Data Warehouse design. Geocell Data Warehouse projects (DWH) aimed to meet the customer's sales, marketing and finance teams' urgent reporting requirements through the new billing system. InspireIT experts worked actively in the analysis, design, ETL code development, testing and loading of historical data phases. After an intensive requirement analysis phase, new reporting needs of the business units were identified, new Logical Data Model design was completed and ETL flows were developed.

    As part of the project's first phase, all historical modules, prepaid and postpaid call details and Datamarts for Subscribers and Accounts have been historically loaded into the new Data Warehouse model. In the second phase of the project, the Reporting Universe was redesigned, more than 50 reports were developed, and the existing postpaid subscriber ETL codes were merged. The projects have been completed on time and on budget in accordance with the plan.

    Geocell / Data Warehousing
  • BKM data warehouse system contains all credit card data transfer operations between banks. Central data warehouse is the mission critical component for reconciliations between banks. In the scope of the project, current data warehouse system is migrated to ODI 12c (Oracle Data Integrator) environment. Moreover, as-is performance problems are resolved, data quality controls are restructured, recycle mechanisms are added and DWH data model structures are improved.

    The Interbank Card Center / Data Warehousing
  • TARSİM has reshaped the entire IT infrastructure by making significant technological investments during the last 10 years in order to achieve its growth targets. In order to meet the requirements of the growing policy pool, TARSİM improves its base insurance software and Oracle hardware and software requirements every year. It has been a very important and special experience for us to be part of this transformation journey.

    During the Tarsim infrastructure transformation project, Oracle Exadata was used as database server, ZFS and Active Dataguard as backup structure, Oracle Multitenancy option for database consolidation, Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE 12c) on reporting front-end and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI 12c) as ETL tool. With the migration of Tarsim infrastructure to Oracle Exadata platform, a transition was made to secure, fast, robust and high capacity architecture that provides high performance. At the same time, Oracle Pluggable Database structure provided significant savings in resource usage on servers. In parallel to this, after the Tarsim data warehouse transition to ODI 12c, faster and error-free ETL development, better quality and consistent data access, more powerful and real-time tests were possible.

    TARSİM Agricultural Insurance Pool / Infastructure Transformation Projects
  • In August 2017, InspireIT has started works for "Datawarehouse Reengineering and Self-Service Reporting Project" for Fibabanka. As part of the project; a new "Self-Service Financial Control Datamart" model has been developed, where all kind of mission-critical financial reports can be prepared via Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) dashboards and reports. Corporate and individual datamart models serving all kind of customer insights has been a success story for InspireIT and Fibabanka.

    A new “Automated Data Lake Environment” has been developed by “InspireIT Report Loader” utility which runs 900+ reports daily, taking into account of their internal and external data, ETL, OFSAA and report dependencies. Additionally, nightly ETL processes are optimized, ETL and OBIEE usage monitoring infrastructure have been developed to get alerts regarding ETL and reporting jobs.

    FIBABANKA / Data Warehousing



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