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Solution : Experience The Value of Working With InspireIT
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As part of the consultancy agreement with InspireIT, we moved Alternatifbank production and test environment...

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Solution : Experience The Value of Working With InspireIT
Services > Full IT Outsourcing > Solution : Experience The Value of Working With InspireIT
InspireIT provides all the services you might get from an internal IT department but with the quality and efficiency of specialists, experienced in the culture and challenges faced by medium sized organisations. InspireIT philosophy is centered on making a positive difference to the quality of service and value for money gained from technology. InspireIT has proven business and technical experience to ensure we can deliver on this promise.

At the highest level, InspireIT Full IT Outsourcing offer is differentiated through its progressive approach to service levels. InspireIT measures the availability of end user and customer applications. This approach creates simplicity and transparency of management reporting and ensures that our clients are focused on business goals not only technology.

Some of the core programs available from InspireIT as part of our full outsourcing service include:

IT Assessment (AS-IS)
Initial step of the outsourcing process is generally an environment IT assessment. During the assessment, we provide a full analysis of a client's IT operations. As a next step, we present a written assessment report and a detailed IT environment topology as well as an implementation plan to accomplish the recommendations.

Task Planning
After the service contract begins, we work from a project plan and address all items defined in the initial assessment as well as any ongoing tasks. We provide continuity - working from a project plan, scheduling periodic management meetings, reviewing recently completed tasks and setting future priorities.

Server and Desktop Management
We adopt our approach to standardize all desktops and servers. This means that all PCs will share a common Operating System and be standardized on software applications. We manage both kinds of Operating systems Linux/Unix and Windows. Regular system upgrades and patches will be proactively applied for these systems. Recommendations will be made and then implemented to install virus filters, spam filters and adware filters. Management of core applications, such as Backup Servers, Application Servers, Mail Servers and Directory Servers, is all part of the service. Remote management software is enabled for providing secure remote access to the office from off-site locations.

Network Management
Initial focus is resolving any found weaknesses in the internal or external network connections that could cause business vulnerability. We ensure that firewall rules are established and the network is performing adequately. In addition, we ensure that proper office security policies (e.g. passwords) and procedures are defined. For staff requiring remote access, we can provide external secure VPN access to the office.

Server and Network Monitoring
As part of our monitoring service, your network and servers are monitored 24x7. If any components cause system alerts to be generated (e.g., hard drive errors, ISP connection down, our operational NOC (Network Operations Center) is notified and we start the resolution process immediately.

Disaster Recovery Services
Disaster Recovery Services vary from client to client. Some may only require tape backups of their environment to occur nightly with off site storage on a weekly or monthly basis. Others may require their data be copied off site every night. For clients requiring limited downtime in case of a real disaster, we provide the complete hosting of a second DR site in our remote data center facilities. We have developed an innovative and cost effective solution of near real time replication for clients that cannot afford any data loss or significant down time.

Asset Management
All assets are tagged and managed by InspireIT. Problems are continuously logged and then addressed to specific equipment or individual users.

Regulatory Compliance Services
With many of our clients coming from the Financial Services industry, we often are required to help them meet SOX, COBIT or other regulatory requirements.

Complete Documentation of IT Services
InspireIT has developed a sophisticated service reporting system that records and archives detailed documentation for all delivered services. Every service provided by InspireIT is accompanied by comprehensive documentation. InspireIT staff members have access to service reports generated by all of its staff members for a given client account ensuring minimal loss in continuity. Additionally, as part of our service, an operational manual (including DR Plan) is individually created which contains all needed information to run a client's specific environment seamlessly.

IT Advisory
Companies that generally outsource their IT may not have much IT knowledge remaining on staff. InspireIT helps fill the gap by providing senior IT resources to assist our clients in evaluating strategic decisions (e.g., choice of core business applications).

Service Level Agreements
InspireIT provides Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for operating your environment in several levels depending on your company needs.
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