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As part of the consultancy agreement with InspireIT, we moved Alternatifbank production and test environment...

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Custom Software Development Services
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Our methodolgies coupled with innovation creates custom application development and quality software solutions for our clients.

InspireIT is a principled, experienced, and capable consulting firm specializing in analyzing the Information Technology (IT) needs of an organization and delivering systems to meet those needs. Using industry leading methodologies and technologies our analysis and development is performed with changing business needs in mind and delivered in record time. In the process of custom application development we also place great value and focus on transferring knowledge to the client's staff so they are able to fully maintain the system once it is in production.

InspireIT takes a very principled approach to development. We manage projects to provide maximum business benefit to the client while minimizing their risks. We are conservative when we need to estimate and evaluate a project, and aggressive when we need to develop, test, and deliver it. Our skilled consultants use the industry's leading methodologies and best of breed products to deliver the ideal solution for each client need. Our key principles in managing each project and making custom application development software are:

•  Conducting projects with a commitment to the correct strategy, architecture, technology and methodology is critical.
•  Understanding the client's needs is essential.
•  Manage the project with the client to minimize risk while maximizing the return on the client's current technology investment.
•  Experienced project team with the technical expertise is essential to enable success.
•  Work to enhance the relationships between the client's IT group and their user communities.
•  Maintain a focus to deliver not only an application, but the fulfillment of the client's real business needs.
•  Mindfully handle project details with the understanding they often possess changes in direction, problems and solutions.
•  Knowledge Transfer is a key part of the project plan.
•  Partner and Mentor with the client to ensure self-sufficiency.

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