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As part of the consultancy agreement with InspireIT, we moved Alternatifbank production and test environment...

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Mission Critical Operations
Services > DBA Services > Mission Critical Operations
When your technical team needs expert assistance for some mission critical operations, InspireIT provides value added services on the following basis by minimizing risks and planning operation timelines.

•  Migration & Upgrades
•  RAC & Data Guard Implementations
•  Database Vault & Audit Vault Implementations
•  Backup & Recovery
•  RAC Tuning
•  Database Performance Tuning
•  SQL Statement Tuning

Migration & Upgrades
Migration / Upgrade Services is designed to simplify your unique upgrade challenges, no matter what stage you are at in the upgrade process. With advice and onsite assistance for all phases of an upgrade—including preplanning, analysis, upgrade management, and post-upgrade evaluation, you will clearly understand your upgrade options and benefits, as well as the most cost-effective way to seamlessly migrate to the latest Oracle database technologies.

RAC & Data Guard Implementations
Because a Oracle RAC consultant is more productive, many corporations outsource the RAC installation and configuration to InspireIT consultants with proven track records of success with RAC and Oracle 10g grid configurations.

Database Vault & Audit Vault Implementations
Oracle Database Vault is the industry's most advanced database security product designed to enforce when, where, how, and by whom, data can be accessed. This enables customers to better protect sensitive application data from unauthorized access by any privileged users, misusing their database privileges.

Our experts with vast delivery experience, and knowledge of industry best practices, will help you strengthen your database security to improve corporate governance and assist you in meeting regulatory compliance requirements. InspireIT consultants will walk you through your issues and potential solutions and will offer practical real world examples and best practices on technology solutions to protect your critical corporate data.

Backup & Recovery
Your original backup and recovery procedures may not have been correctly implemented or are no longer meeting the needs of your enterprise. InspireIT’s Backup and Recovery service will allow you to gain confidence in the adequacy of your backup and recovery procedures through specialized testing and optimizing of your backup and recovery procedures. If you are also running a complex environment that makes use of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), one or more Data Guard databases or other forms of replication, please contact us to arrange an Oracle Backup and Recovery Service that is tailored to your needs.

RAC Tuning
Oracle's Real Application Clusters (RAC) technology is the foundation of Oracle Grid computing. Grid computing contributes the “g” in Oracle 10g. Oracle's RAC is the most robust and complex of all Oracle environments, and the inter-instance communications makes RAC tuning especially challenging. Unlike conventional relational database techniques, InspireIT experts will adopt different tuning procedures for RAC specific tuning :

•  Configuring RAC and Grid for top performance
•  Shared Storage configuration (ASM, OCFS2, Cluster File System, Raw Devices)
•  RAC node load balancing for optimal performance
•  RAC parallelism for high performance
•  RAC inter-instance traffic and locking structures
•  RAC Service configuration for adjusting service levels
•  Monitoring RAC performance

Database Performance Tuning
InspireIT Database Performance Tuning and Optimization Services provide solutions which include a complete view of application performance by capturing, measuring, and correlating performance metrics from all critical system components. If problems are detected, we help you point the cause, identify the most effective course of action, and quickly solve the problem to restore peak performance.

With our database performance tuning services, InspireIT can help your IT staff isolate performance problems by tier, optimize end-user response time and improve overall quality of service.

SQL Statement Tuning
In general with most database systems, if the SQL statements running against the database are inefficient, then tuning the database or operating system can only yield a certain improvement in performance levels. More improvement in application performance can be achieved by tuning the SQL/code.

InspireIT gives your technical staff a competitive edge with our onsite Oracle SQL Tuning Services. Our senior experts will illustrate coding techniques that ensure a consistent response time between instances and releases of the Oracle databases. We will focus on performance tuning of actual SQL statements, pointing SQLs with bad response times and sub-optimal execution plans.

There are some Oracle tools and a number of third party products which can rapidly identify any problematic SQL statement. Once the SQL statement or query causing the bottleneck has been identified, it is generally possible to modify the SQL statement to run more efficiently. The behaviour of the oracle query optimiser can also change over time depending upon the volume and type of data and therefore an SQL statement which was efficient at one stage can become inefficient over a period of time. Tuning is a iterative process and should be carried out on a periodic basis.
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