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Datawarehousing Services
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Data warehousing is the process of extracting data from different databases and creating a store house of data that is specifically structured for querying and reporting. Data warehousing process includes coordination, planning, designing and periodically extracting data from various sources, both inside and outside the enterprise, into another database that is optimized for analyzing and information processing.

Let us tell you why need of building data warehouse arises,

•  Is your organization struggling to address one or more of these critical business issues?
•  Who are my most profitable customers today based on product margins and the customers’ cost of service? Are they the same segment as a year ago?
•  What individual products sell well as a packaged group? What is the profile of the consumer? What sales channels are most effective?
•  What is my forecasted daily cash flow for the next two months based on the current sales and production plans?
•  Does your company have large volume of data spread in different databases and places, preventing you to have a single consistent view of data in overall organization?

Data warehousing offers flexibility to managers to access the data using queries. This easy access to complicated data enables effective business analysis and business forecasting, which in turn provides great insight on various trends and supports in faster and better decision making.

What InspireIT provides for you ?
We at InspireIT understand that the primary concept of data warehousing is separation of data required for business analysis from operational data and storing it for quick retrieval for effective assessment. We also ensure that the data warehousing data access is provided to only authorized persons who need to query and report, enabling safety and security of both databases.

We undertake extensive discussion with all levels of the business administration and analyze the requirement of the business. Understanding the requirement forms the base for effective structuring or architecting of the data warehousing solution. Our experts then develop the architecture and design of the data warehouse and undertake analysis, transformation and loading of data into the data warehouse. We then follow it till the physical execution of the design and implementation of the data structure.

Our data warehousing services include:
•  Project Management
•  Initial Assessment
•  Requirement Analysis
•  Data Analysis
•  Data Warehouse Design
•  Logical Data Modeling
•  Data Warehouse Development -Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL)
•  Technical Architecture (Physical Data Modeling)
•  Data Cleansing and Conversion
•  Data Migration - Populating Data Warehouse (Initial / Daily Load)
•  Report Generation
•  Data Marts
•  Data Auditing
•  Data Warehouse Maintenance
•  Automating Data Management Process
•  Database Administration
•  Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
•  Data Mining

InspireIT's clients include some of the largest companies in South Eastern Europe and CIS countries (Turkey, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia) , and they rely on us to collect millions of pieces of information from every imaginable source, store it, organize it and ultimately allow it to be presented in ways that allow extensive business insight.

Our proficiency in building data warehousing solutions will allow measuring the data warehousing investment in terms of operational efficiency and improved monetary returns.

Our professionals have extensive knowledge on project management, product management, data analysis, data modeling, database administration, extract transform load (ETL) tools, data auditing, online analytical processing (OLAP) technologies, structured query languages (SQL).

We have expertise in the following data warehousing and database tools:

ETL and Design Tools : Oracle Data Integrator (Sunopsis), Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB), Business Objects Data Integrator, Ab Initio, Sql Server Integration Services, Sybase Power Builder

Databases : Oracle, Essbase, Sybase, MS SQL, MySQL

In the following section, InspireIT project implementation approach is described in detail. This approach is based on the InspireIT’s experience and project methodology.
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