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As part of the consultancy agreement with InspireIT, we moved Alternatifbank production and test environment...

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Services > Datawarehousing Services > Design
The goal of the Data Warehouse Design phase is to move development of the solution from the requirements established during the Requirement Analysis phase to development of the detail logical data model, detail mapping between the data warehouse and source systems and detail transformation and validation rules. The development environment is created in this phase and the testing strategy is formulated.

Services in this phase:
•  Conduct interviews on detail business rules with key business users.
•  Conduct interviews on detail data mapping with IS/IT staff.
•  Write up interviews, distribute to interviewees and incorporate any feedback.
•  Consolidate findings, prioritize requirements.
•  Prepare detail logical data model.
•  Prepare detail source data to target logical mapping and transformation rules.
•  Document approach to data acquisition (ETL) and data quality processes.
•  Document approach to system and integration testing.
•  Document estimated capacity requirements.
•  Install and configure the development environment.
•  Prepare and run workshops with key business users and IS/IT staff if required.
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