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As part of the consultancy agreement with InspireIT, we moved Alternatifbank production and test environment...

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Data Quality & ETL Support
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After ETL development is complete, ease of administration becomes the most concern. The best ETL development environment is useless if the process canít be easily administered. Many companies have experienced difficulties by lack of operational support when trying to deploy a data warehouse. The key elements to note are:

Centralized administration: Itís critical that there should be a single place to view the entire ETL process, even if jobs are running across both the source and target platforms under different operating systems. Updating job schedules and managing jobs should be location-independent.

Error processing: When something goes wrong within an ETL session, it is crucial to point what went wrong with what job or task. Further, the product should support different mechanisms for notification, such as console messages and email alerts. Ideally, the error management is independent of the ETL session so that if the ETL engine dies, it should still be possible to send an alert.

Audit: When an ETL session completes, the data warehouse administrator should be able to view how much data was processed by each job, where the data came from, where it went to, and how long it took. Over time, this basic audit information will help resolve a lot of ETL problems.

Scheduling: The scheduling of tasks within an ETL session is often not a trivial task. There are many dependencies between jobs, making it hard to determine what tasks can continue to run when an earlier job fails.

InspireIT Post-Cutover Support Services is available on-demand, to provide on site consulting assistance to ensure a smooth transition to the new system and to support daily operation.
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